Sunday, April 10, 2011

Second Actemra Infusion

So I had my second Actemra (tocilizumab) infusion, on Wednesday and NO BRUISE!

I took everyone's advice and really put pressure on the spot for like 5 minutes or more after the needle was removed and held my arm up in the air, and it worked!!!

At least, I'm assuming that's what did it, especially since the needle seemed to hurt even more going in this time. Go figure.

Will report back after the next round if it works again.

In the meantime, it seems my hips aren't aching the same way, so I think (said with caution), that the Actemra is starting to work!

And re side effects, I didn't have a headachy feeling quite to the same extent for the two days after the way I did the first time. Could be because this time out, I made sure to drink more during and after the infusion. Who knows?

:) L