Thursday, March 1, 2012

No More Daily Anti-Inflammatories!

Had to have a small procedure last week, which meant I had to stop taking anti-inflammatories the week before as they can increase the amount of bleeding and bruising, and guess what?? I felt really no different off them than on (other than my digestive system felt a whole lot more settled), so off them I will stay! My rheumatologist says that’s fine, as long as I’m feeling OK, and that I can always take them as needed, if necessary.

So yay re that!!!

And I’ve just cut my dose of Methotrexate down once again, this time to 15 mg. Soon, if all goes well, I’ll have to switch to the pill format, so I hope that doesn’t make me feel blech (I know that the pill form can do that, and the injections themselves already make me feel slightly nauseous — not the needle itself, per se, but the drug, I’m pretty sure).

But whatever I can do to take less meds, the better. Not to say I’m anti-drug, cause God only knows that’s not the case, it’s just I’d rather take the minimum necessary to feel optimal.

Make sense? I think it does, and I’m so thrilled that the Actemra is working well enough that I can cut back on other medications. Woohoo!