Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Conclusion: Shoulder Tendinitis

So went to see a  physiotherapist last Wednesday and he did an assessment and thinks I have tendinitis in my left shoulder.

The assessment, which involved him asking lots of questions and having me move my arm about in all sorts of directions, killed! My shoulder was incredibly painful for the rest of the day and night, and I slept like crap. I actually took some acetaminophen, which I haven't taken in ages because I just couldn't take the pain (I'm already on so many freakin' drugs, I don't really want to take more, particularly any which might, might upset my stomach but there you go...). I also iced my shoulder on and off all evening as instructed.

Luckily I got in for a treatment appointment Thursday morning. I was given some ultrasound, then heat. Then the physio manipulated my shoulder a bunch, basically jiggling it up and down a lot in the socket, which, surprisingly, didn't hurt at all, and massaged it very  lightly, then iced it. It felt a whole lot better after that.

This left shoulder has always been weaker. In fact, as I've mentioned before, my whole left side is weaker, since my right side is my dominant one. And the shoulder has caused me some very slight pain before, ironically enough, during the longer periods of time when I haven't done any strength training! But this amount of pain is very unusual and I have been doing strength training, so I can only suspect that RA has something to do with it. Call me suspicious, call me wrong, but there you go...

I've been icing the shoulder every couple of hours (when I remember!), as instructed, and I go back for another physio appointment tomorrow (Monday).

I hope we can nip this thing in the bud, so I can get back to normal life – and normal workouts!


  1. I'm glad you're getting treatment for your shoulder, Laurie. Tendinitis could be a side-effect of RA, who knows? But it seems it can be more effectively treated and relieved than RA, so I'm wishing you the best of luck with your appointment tomorrow and any in the future. I hope this pain goes away and stays away.

    Here's hoping the rest of your Sunday will be terrific. ;)

  2. Even when the answer is bad, it's nice to have an answer. Especially when it's something that can be addressed.

    Ice? brrrrr! I'm a fan of heat :)
    Hope you find that the PT helps and you're feeling better again soon.

  3. This totally sounds like it sucks, but that there is the possibility of it healing? Hope all goes well :)

  4. I have heard that chiropractors have a good look at the shoulders that have musclo problems and offer a lot better treatment than the physios.

  5. Best of luck with your shoulder. I have a bad rotator cuff and am too darn stubborn to go to the doctor to have looked after. 8 years ago my bone guy told me I needed the surgery to fix it but right now, I'm defiant. I've had too darn much surgery (22) and i'm sick of them. So, until it gets really really bad, I'll get through. Fast healings for you. Tammy

  6. Hi all! The physio and icing (brrr is right!) is going well so far. Just have to remember NOT to move my arm the wrong way!!! Damn... :) L

  7. At least you know what it is now. The not knowing can mentally wear on you, plus you could be damaging it more by using it and not knowing what it was. Hope you are back to normal soon ... well, normal for us.

  8. I hope you're feeling better this week. Tendinitis is no fun at all. I'm glad you know what it is, though, and that you're getting some treatment for it.