Friday, November 12, 2010


I know I haven't posted in ages.

It's been crazy at work and otherwise somehow. How is it possible to go into the office only 3 days a week and still be crazy busy? But there you go!

Here are some quick updates on what's up in my world:

Shoulder: killing me practically constantly + pain in deltoid and even bicep now at times. Going to go see family doctor in a week when she's back from vacation to see what the heck is going on.

Sleep: Went to sleep clinic. Doctor thought problem wasn't apnea or anything. Tried medication, which worked in terms of prolonging sleep till later. Excellent! Now sleep totally screwed up because of pain of shoulder. Meeting with sleep doctor again next week. Not so excellent. :(

Meds: Trying Leflunomide, aka Arava. Basically, when my benefits run out sometime next year, I'll have to apply for government benefits, and I'll need to have tried Arava. Really don't know the ins and outs of all this. Still need to research everything. I'm keen on it, cause it's way less expensive than Enbrel. Had to laugh at my pharmacist, though, cause when I went to pick it up along with refill of Methotrexate, he said something about it being expensive. I said, "Um, not compared to Enbrel!..." Let's hope it works as well as the Enbrel. Have to admit, I've been so busy, I haven't even researched how well it's supposed to work compared to Enbrel re joint damage, etc. Must find time this weekend to look into everything! And I mean everything!! Just started on it. Pills not injections, too – um, can you say bonus!

That's it, I think! Sorry for the rush!


  1. I just got off arava due to side effects. But don't let that cause you dispair. I am having some real issues lately with inflammation and my doc thinks everything is being thrown off because of it. I start metho this weekend. Wish me well eh, last time he pulled me due to excessive fevers and dilarium. Yikes. But we have to try. I refuse to pay for the higher end drugs. I don't want to go to bankruptcy ever again due to my health. Although hubs says it worth it to see me out of pain. No thank you.

    Tell me, do you also take pain meds or muscle relaxers with your metho? I do but am still in considerable pain. I don't want to go on stronger as It would make me sluggish. The life of auto-immune disorders, always something.

    Feel better with your shoulder. I've got a torn rotator i've been putting off for years to have fixed.

  2. Hi Tammy,

    No, no pain meds. I've been doing really well on Enbrel and Methotrexate, so we'll see how the combination of Arava and Methotrexate does. I know that a combo of 2 DMARDS to fight RA is suggested and I'm lucky in that my employer insurance covered my meds, and now that I'm self-employed, my understanding is that government programs will kick in when my employer benefits run out. My main goal: prevent joint damage while feeling as well as possible!

    I hope the Methotrexate works this time for you!

    :) L

  3. It would be the Trillium plan I guess. I have a friend who is getting Stellara (not an RA drug through that. It's strictly based on income, so his RSP and big house don't keep him from getting help.

    I found the arava was hard on my digestive system and I was uncomfortable and lost weight. Which was OK because the whole goal of taking see if it would work for me and I needed to fail it to take the next step drug.

    I take Gravol with my MTX, and also Voltaren as an anti inflammatory

  4. Yes, I think Trillium and something else. If I hadn't been so busy with everything, I'd have had a chance to actually look into all this. However, I do have some time, luckily. Nonetheless, that's why we're trying this now. Still taking Voltaren and MTX but seriously don't want to add any more freaking drugs to the mix! I already take plenty for migraines, too, and while I've been trying to cut back on those, because it seems the anti-inflammatories have been helping on the migraine front, it turns out only so much.... :(

    Thanks for commenting!

    :) L

  5. Hey Laurie, are you enjoying the job though? being busy is sometimes a good thin :)

    I spoke to a girl when I was first diagnosed who'd had JRA for years and years and finally she was put on mtx and arava as a combo and she now doesnt have flares and is doing really well. I hope it does the same for you!

  6. Hey Squirrel!

    Job is great!!! How are you?

    Glad the drugs worked for your friend!

    :) L

    P.S. I am addicted to exclamation marks!!!!