Monday, November 15, 2010

My Freakin' Shoulder... still killin' me.

Went to see the physiotherapist again today. He had done a reassessment again last week and doesn't think it's a rotator cuff tear. Today, he checked for a pinched nerve. Doesn't seem to be that, either.

Nonetheless, I'm feeling almost constant pain.

Yesterday, I was so beside myself I had to go for a walk because I was desperate to distract myself. I walked and walked and walked. I walked for almost an hour and a half, till I was getting quite tired and my arm was getting sore – this time from hanging at my side for god's sake! Although at least it felt a little more relaxed – I'd told the physiotherapist that my deltoid has been feeling all contracted for some time now, like when you go to a massage therapist and there's a knot, and they push and there's that crazy painlike feeling just before the knot releases? That's how my deltoid has been feeling. Only the last few days, that feeling has spread to my bicep. Then yesterday, the muscle in my forearm joined the fun. WTF???????????????

Yes, I cried.

Bloody freakin' shoulder.

I have an appointment with my rheumatologist next Monday to get her to check it out.

Course, watch: by next week, it'll be just fine!!!


  1. Sorry you're shoulder is still giving you fits. It really sucks that your bicep wants to join the party too. Hang in there, maybe they won't hide next week when you see your doc.

  2. Oh no! So sorry! Ask about frozen shoulder when you see the rheumy and see if they can get you something to deal with the pain because, assuming its frozen shoulder, I think frozen shoulder goes away on its own with physical therapy and steroid injections. Feel better soon and gentle hugs.


  3. Argh, I think I just lost my comment! Basically I was joining in on the dumb shoulder/knot pain front. Boo-hiss!

    Also, I'm mostly hoping that it goes away, and not just conveniently for your appointment next week.

  4. So sorry your feeling lousy, walking really does help doesn't it, takes your mind off some, distracting. I do that too. I hope the new pains just go away on their own never to return!

  5. That really stinks. I hope you've been able to make progress with your shoulder since this post (which I'm apparently very behind in reading/commenting on).