Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been sick (more than the usual, haha!) the last few days, and while I've been lying around, I've been thinking about some of the changes I've made in my life/apartment since getting RA.

Here they are.


• bought cordless phones so wouldn't miss calls (running to answer phone + sore feet = not going to happen!)

• added non-slip mat (extra-soft) to tub

• switched bath towels from huge (+ heavy!) bath sheets to smaller more manageable ones

• changed tops on prescription bottles from childproof (read: impossible to open) to easy-open

• put cushion on wooden dining room chair

• added extra seat cushions to couch to up comfort factor

• dry towels, sheets, etc., in laundry room dryer instead of hanging to dry upstairs in apartment (don't like environmental impact, but hands/wrists just aren't up to weight of laundry basket filled with wet laundry)

• drive to work for now (ditto re environmental impact, but feet aren't always up to twice daily bus/subway commute, nor is body – am wiped by end of week as it is)

• drive lots of places, whereas before would walk/bus/subway it lots of places and save car for long-distance trips to see my horse (he's not actually mine, but Leotard's, and I haven't seen or ridden him since November :( ).

• keep Thinsulate-lined gloves in car in case my hands get cold because of Raynaud's and usual leather gloves aren't enough

• eat lots more veggies

• eat lots more Toblerone bars (obviously need to cut back on this + add more of previous item!)

I'm sure there are more things, but I'm too tired to think of them, physically and mentally.

I'm trying to remain positive about everything, but, truth be told, I'm finding it hard right now...I think time off is in order. I have vacation days I need to use before May 1, and I'm going to at least plan to book them so I have something to look forward to. Don't know what to do (don't really want to spend any money), but need to do something nice for myself I think!


  1. Wow! you have made alot of great changes since your onset. I know how hard it is to deal with this disease and it is so understandable that it is hard to cope with a new diagnosis. That part does get easier with time(as far as mentally adjusting to the fact that you have RA).

    Some of the things I have done to make my life easier:

    1. Jar openers - if my hubby or kids are not around to open stuff for me, I have some jar opening devices that work okay

    2. An electric blanket - I am always so cold! I would not live without this!

    3. Got some inserts for my shoes...I bought SuperFeet and they make all different kinds. They have really helped.

    4. Keep my crocs next to my bed so I never walk barefeet (*sigh* I used to always walk barefeet before RA, now I cant)

    5. Purchased some bean bags that you can toss in the microwave to heat up to put on sore joints. I always use them.

    6. Purchase stock in Icy Hot...haha...

    7. Bought a foam topper for the mattress - seems to really help with pressure points on joints.

    I hope you have a chance to get away! And I hope you feel better soon


  2. Stock in Icy Hot – must keep that in mind! Thanks for checking in, Judy, and for letting me know it gets easier... :) Laurie

  3. Good changes :)

    I, too, have foam toppers for my bed. Two, stacked. Another thing I did was buy a lighter-weight vacuum cleaner.

    Enjoy your time off!

  4. And electric can opener, if you haven't already got one. And an easy-open corkscrew if you're a wine-drinker.

    Time off is so important. Hope you get some soon.

  5. Thanks, WarmSocks and Helen for the ideas! I am looking forward to some time off. I think a spa visit is in order! :)

  6. Ditto on the electric can opener! One of my best friends when I am home alone :) I despise big, heavy bath sheets. My favourites are ones that are old and nearly threadbare :)

  7. So far I'm OK on the can opener front, luckily, but am loving my jar opener! And gave my bath sheets to my sister – lovely Restoration Hardware ones, too! :)