Monday, February 8, 2010

Totally Wiped Out

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1 very short walk
+ no nap
+ late night (ie. 2 hours past normal bedtime)
+ 1 visitor
+ 1 complete day of rest (including nap!)

= totally wiped out, shaky + unwell feeling????

WTH? Seriously??

How exactly does that compute? But apparently it does...


  1. I hate to mention RA, but ... yes, that could be the cause of your wiped-outedness. It just DOES that. It can be hateful. It doesn't often make a great deal of sense.

    However, you did have a really nice weekend in spite of the old dragon. You walked around anyway and you kept right on going. You're just paying for it now, as we all do eventually.

    Here's hoping you'll be able to get another good, long rest and some more pampering in before the next workday. Loved your leotard post, by the way. I was giggling.

  2. Hey Wren! I have no doubt that's what it is. Despite being a total sleep person, this is way out of line for me and has to be the RA, plus I've started realizing that any day my legs feel like jelly is going to be a bad day.

    Glad you liked the leotard post; loved your dragon post!

    P.S. Hope your hands are feeling better!

  3. I just have a question, was there a reason why you are taking methotrexate injections instead of pills?

    thanks :)

  4. Hi Skye,

    I'm on a relatively high dose, and it's also my understanding that with the injections, you don't experience nausea, which you can get with the pills, and the absorption is also better.

    So far I've been lucky and haven't gotten side effects, other than tiredness, as far as I can tell (I also take prescription folic acid, as well, something that's crucial when you're on methotrexate).

    For more on subcutaneous injections versus oral methotrexate, check out this link:

    Also check out these links from Johns Hopkins:

    Hope they help! Also, the injections really aren't that bad to do. I don't find they hurt at all, and once you get past the idea of giving yourself a needle, they're pretty easy. I'll be doing my third round this week. And compared to diabetics who have to do an injection every day, I figure I have it pretty easy!



  5. Thanks! i'm going to check out the links you gave above right now. I'm also taking folic acid to help counter the side effects for methotrexate.

  6. Hello Laurie, most of the time RA doesn't make sense. Sometimes the fatigue and weakness is worse that the swelling and joint pain. On these days, unless it is a work day, I don't fight it. I just get as much rest as I can and save my fight for a better day.