Friday, March 5, 2010


Quite often lately, I've been overwhelmed by my diagnosis, despite the fact that I'm really doing quite well on my medications.

What RA will mean for me in the long term is something I don't know, though, and right now I can't walk very far, much less work out the way I used to.

However, I came across a picture of this mug the other day when I was scrolling through my other blog, Natural Chic, and, despite its dire message, it made me laugh and feel great, the way it always does.

It's a riff on the popular WWII British poster that carried the slogan Keep Calm and Carry On. You'd think that that would actually be the wording that would make me feel better, but, no, this is the one that works for me.

Go figure!


  1. Think about it this way; humans are the only species on Earth that panics. You are human!!!

    But I get what you mean. In the long term, you reach acceptance and you stop wondering "why me." In the meantime, feel free to panic. :)

  2. Hey Laurie~

    I know what you mean about panicking....every once and a while I have to have a panic moment too and have a little crying nervous breakdown. But you know what? I always feel better on the other side of it. I think it's better to let the frustration out once and a while rather than keeping it all inside.

    I hope you are able to find some closure from all the panicking. And, remember, you are not alone!! You can do it!! And we can help each other. For example, you're encouragement helped me use a syringe today!! So thank you so much for that!!


  3. That's a funny coffee cup!
    Hang in there. It gets better (at least it did for me).

  4. Thanks guys! I am feeling better and heading to the gym tomorrow come hell or high water, which I know will make me feel better for sure! Plus the weather is feeling like spring here and all sunny, so what could be better? Your encouragement is amazing and appreciated more than I can say...

    :) L

    P.S. Mariah, so glad the shot went well!!