Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been getting rid of old stuff lately. Not tons of stuff, just things I have put away here and there that I've been holding on to in case someone wants them or I need them at some point. But let's face it, who needs those sorts of things "at some point" in actual fact?

So out they go!

I've already had one giveway when my sisters and cousin were over the other weekend. I'd had all kinds of things stashed in my linen closet, so much so that I couldn't get at anything easily. So my sisters had fun, and I got rid of stuff.

Now I'm cleaning out other places – drawers, my armoire, everything.

I just want it all gone, and for someone who can get all sentimental about inanimate objects, I really don't care – I'm too tired. I want my life empty and clean. (OK, not really empty. I actually like stuff and clutter, but useful stuff and clutter, like books I love. My dream house is that sort of English country house in which every room is an adventure, filled with interesting objects to explore and discover – but no uninteresting crap!)

Now if only I could shed RA as easily...

Addendum: Just read an article that says we secrete the stress hormone cortisol when surrounded by disarray. Read it here.


  1. I love uncluttering too!

    Now if only I could shed RA as easily... me too!

  2. Hi Lana,

    Wouldn't that be wonderful! :) L

  3. (grinning) Wouldn't that be nice? Tossing out RA like clutter ... I like it.

    I have way too many things that just take up storage space all over my house. I SHOULD get rid of it; I know I wouldn't miss any of it once it was gone. But I'm sorta lazy about those things. And you know how when you get rid of something you don't need, 6 months later you need it? Heh. Well, I DO get over it quickly when that happens. I should just dig in and clean out.

    Yay you, facing the task and getting it done. You're inspiring me, I think...

    Feel good, Laurie. :o)

  4. Hey Wren! Luckily I don't have that much extra stuff – just odds and ends tucked away here and there. Plus, I live in an apartment, not a house, otherwise I'm sure things would be totally out of hand! Hope you're well. :) L

  5. Your dream house sounds like mine. I love homes and objects that have stories. One day I want a little old yellow brick house to fill with antiques - things that have meant something to somebody.

    That said, I hate feeling like all my things are just disguising mounds of dust and more clutter. So stressful! I think in some way it does go back to having RA. I'm afraid of letting my apartment get too messy because then I'm not sure I'd be able to handle cleaning it all.

  6. I've only moved from a one bedroom apartment to a large house just over a year ago and it is already ridiculous!

    Good for you! I'm such a clutterbug.

  7. Hi Helen,

    Ah, dust! There's something to be said for white furniture – and cleaning ladies on occasion! And I'm with you on the letting things get too mess, also on running low on things – I've been totally paranoid on that front!

    Hey Pony,

    It's amazing, isn't it, how stuff expands to fill the space we have? Like some kind of strange law of physics!

    :) L

  8. I need to do that too! I went from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment when I moved last year- for awhile there I was on a first name basis with the Goodwill attendants. And there's still more I need to go through but I don't have energy right now! I hate clutter....

    Yes, I wish I could shed the RA as easily too- I would certainly find the energy for that!!!

  9. Lol, Amanda – I think we would all find energy for that!!!!