Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Non-Disclosure and Feet

"My feet are sore."

The words just slipped out at work today.

I didn't mean to say them, but my feet were hurting me – not horribly, but hurting nonetheless – and I just blurted it out without thinking.

"Your feet are hurting?" asked my colleague.

"Oh, they're just bothering me for some reason," I said, or something to that effect, waving it off.

I totally hadn't meant to say anything, I just said it, then had to figure out what to say to cover for myself, so to speak.

Weird to have to do that, to feel you have to do that.

Don't you think?


  1. I have had the worst time with my hands and feet for the last 4 months. So much sew I've not been able to do my passion (job) of sewing. I started enbrel so I'm hoping for better days once it begins it's journey throughout my body. Today was injection number two so to say i'm hopeful, wow, understatement.

    I hope you feet find comfort when you rest at night. Hugs. T

  2. I feel like I have to minimize things all the time, I guess to make me feel like I am "complaining" less. Generally when people ask me how I am doing, it's all "Good" or "Oh you know, the usual", when I may be feeling like complete crap. I'm not totally sure why, maybe trying not to burden people??

    I hope your feet feel better, Laurie :) I'm sympathizing with you, my feet are sore, too :(

  3. Hmm that's a tough one. My close friends at work know about my RA cos I was a right state when it started and didnt speak to anyone for like 2 months apart from crying in the bathrooms on a daily basis haha. But these days I mostly dont mention it. I tend to keep quiet if something's bothering me and they don't tend to ask. There's one girl at work that has endometriosis quite severely and she's the only person I really speak to about it because she understands what a chronic condition is like. My boss has said in the past that they'd be willing to 'bend over backwards' to help me if they can but thankfully I've not had to put that theory to the test so far.
    Does no one know at your work, Laurie? Would there be things they could do to help you out if they did?

  4. I'm with Pony, to most people, I just tell them I'm good when I'm hurting like a big dawg. Part of it is I don't want to let them into my world (most of them really don't care anyway) and part of it is I don't want to go through explaining to them what is wrong and have them say, I read that you can cure RA by xxxxxxx. Hope your feet feel better soon.

  5. Yeah, that whole 'You can cure RA by xxxxxx' thing is REALLY annoying. As is, 'Oh yes, that's wear and tear on the joints, isn't it. I've got a bit of that.' Still, I find these days I tell most people, and then I let them decide how interested they are or aren't. Most people actually ask intelligent questions and are interested and sympathetic, I find. Some of course are complete morons, but that's the same with anything!

  6. Sometimes we just think out loud, hope you feel better soon.