Sunday, March 13, 2011

IV Bruise

Had my Actemra (tocilizumab) infusion on Tuesday, and this is what my arm looked like yesterday.

I'm hoping that it won't look this way every time. When I get my blood work done, sometimes I bruise a little, sometimes not.

I just wanted you all to see this and know that it's not like I was tortured or anything. And it's not like the very nice lady who put in the IV line couldn't find a vein or anything. She got it right off the bat, and there was just a pinch – it's not like she killed me or anything.

I just bruise easily. Always have, really. And now I think more so. My tender, tender skin obviously didn't react well to teeny, weeny, eensy, tiny drops of liquid being ever, ever so slowly infused into it and decided to freak out and get all bruisey as a result.


If this sort of thing keeps up, it's not going to look so pretty come summertime...


  1. Wow, that's a beauty! Impressive. Have you told your doc, maybe there's something that can lessen the bruising? I use an Arnica cream to help with things like that and it's dead good.

  2. OMG, let's hope that since it turns you such pretty(?) colors that it does you a world of good!

  3. Wow, Laurie! Perhaps if you wore a nice blue blouse, at least it would match.

    I hope the Actemra helps. Fingers are crossed for you.

  4. Holy cow! I'm jealous, I've had bruises before from my Orencia infusions, but nothing like that sucker.

    I agree with Wren, maybe stop by Kohl's and see if they have a bruise colored top to wear the day after your next infusion. Good luck with the Actemra.

    Amazing what we put ourselves through just to feel a little bit better isn't it?

  5. Haha! You guys are funny! I'm seeing my regular doctor next week re the borderline high cholesterol, so I'll ask her about the bruising.

    Thanks for the arnica suggestion, Squirrel; I know they use it on horses, so must be good! I, unfortunately, don't have any right now, but I do have witch hazel for some reason, and that also is apparently good for soothing bruises. Although mine was really that swollen or sore. Just pretty colours...

  6. Yikes!

    I bruise easily, too, and fondly remember some days of walking around looking like a junkie because of various IVs:) Oh, and my friend totally swears by arnica!

  7. Wow, that is amazing! I don't bruise easily so when I do, you can bet it was a battle of my veins against the anomoly! My veins usually win.

  8. Holy cow! That's some bruise!
    I sure hope the new med helps. And I'd second the arnica gel being good for bruises.

    (Sorry I missed this post earlier; I was pretty much off-line while I was sick and haven't caught up on my reading.)