Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Better & Fun with Westies

Went to visit Gail, former editor of Style at Home, while I've been on vacay. A big highlight of seeing her is getting to play with her two Westies, Tilly and Clara.

The last time I was at Gail's place was for our annual Christmas visit over the holidays. I always pop in to see her then, but this year I wasn't feeling very good at all. RA was in its first month of working its black magic, I hadn't been diagnosed yet and was only on anti-inflammatories, and I was super-stiff.

Needless to say, there wasn't much playing going on with the two white cutie pies! I just sat in a chair and touched their heads as they passed by...

This time, the visit was so much more fun. I could sit on the floor – woohoo! Crossed legs weren't happening – still too uncomfortable to sit for any length of time like that now – but I could sit with my legs out in front of me, and the little munchkins were very excited!! And when I lay flat out on my side (that would have been so impossible the previous visit), they were absolutely beside themselves! They ran around head butting me, jumping about, grabbing their little toys to show me, and were totally overcome with doggie joy. I was pretty overcome myself with happiness.

Have I said before how much I love animals???

Such an improvement over the last time!

Below is a shot of one of them with one of their toys (hard to tell the dogs apart unless I can see the colour of their collars!). So cute, no? Clara, the oldest, always has to show me her stuffed hedgehog the minute I arrive. Haha! Just love those puppies!


  1. Oh my goodness - they're adorable! I love Westies. I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit, and glad you're feeling so much better than the last time.

  2. Aren't they? I just want to hug them to bits whenever I see them...

    :) L

  3. Westies are just the cutests little guys. I'm delighted that you felt well enough to be able to get down on the floor with them and play, Laurie. What great way to spend a day (and seeing a good friend never hurts, either). Here's hoping that the remainder of your "vacay" (this nickname for it makes me giggle) is restful, fun and renewing.

  4. It was fun! The "vacay" – always happy to make you laugh! – has been enjoyable so far, with lots of visiting with friends, reading and sleeping. A much-needed rest!

    :) L

  5. What beautiful little dogs! I don't think I've ever seen dogs so clean, though ;)

    It's great to hear that you can see an improvement in how you're feeling.