Monday, April 26, 2010

My New Toy: The Kobo E-Reader

I just got a Kobo e-reader today and am so excited! It's a Canadian e-reader (it'll be on sale in the U.S. in the summer) and so has access to all kinds of books here in Canada that American e-readers don't, plus it's one of the smallest, lightest e-readers out there, which should make my body very happy. My elbows, hands and wrists have been getting quite sore of late when I've been reading, so this should ease some of that discomfort.

I have to admit that I'm still not quite sold on the idea of not having actual books in hand, but for some books, the e-reader will be just fine. And Kobo books are device neutral, which means I can even read them on my iPhone if I should happen not to have my Kobe e-reader with me, and I can also download to the e-reader all kinds of books from other sites, not just bookseller Indigo/Chapters, which is where you can buy the Kobo in Canada.

And total bonus: it was free! My new boss had gotten it at a press event and wasn't sold on the whole idea, so it was over to me. Sweet!!! And it comes pre-loaded with 100 classic books. I am beside myself!

Now I'll just have to not go nuts buying books! I've always thought bookstores are dangerous places: I can rarely get out of them without spending money, and now I don't have to go anywhere to get books, cause I can just go online and download them.

Scary, very scary!


  1. Oooh, I'm excited to see how you like it! Specifically the eye part. I've always wondered how my eyes would take reading a book on a computer. Mind you, I have no idea how many hours in a day I spend on my laptop, so I'm sure it would be just fine :) Enjoy it!

  2. Hey Pony!

    So far so good! I was reading on it last night and it's different from a computer in that there's no backlighting. It's a bit odd, too, in that it's also different from a book – there's less contrast between the background and the type. In fact, I was wishing that they would offer an option to increase the contrast, but that would consume more power, I think, and apparently the battery charge lasts a whopping two weeks (not sure how many page turns that accounts for)!

    Anyway, I'll try to remember to let you know how it goes once I use it more. I just bought a mystery, so I'll definitely be glued to it for a while!

    :) L

  3. I have been seeing a lot more of the readers lately. They have a Kindle app for the iPhone but I am not sold on the idea of reading on such a small screen. I can see where it would have advantages if you didn't want to, or couldn't bring a book with you. I guess that I am just too old school, I think I would rather have a book.

    The free part is great! Have fun with it and let us know how you like using it vs actually having the book to read.

  4. Hi Tharr! The iPhone is pretty small, but I have read a book on it and it wasn't too bad, surprisingly. The Kobo is better, though, because you don't have to flip pages ever two seconds.

    Will do re letting you know!

    :) L

  5. Oh, it's so cool you got a e-reader! And for FREE! Are you Irish?

    I love my Kindle. I love reading "real" books, too, but like you, some of them are just too much for me to handle (literally!) with rheuma-hands. It took me about three seconds to readjust to reading on a screen, though, and the Kindle is so light, it doesn't hurt at all to hold.

    I think you'll end up liking your Kobo a lot. Hope this finds you feeling good and laughing lots as you readjust to being back at work. Go get 'em, grrrrrrl!

  6. Haha, Wren! No, not Irish!

    I'm liking my Kobo so far! Feeling pretty good the last week and a half, so that's great. Hope you're well, too, and getting lots accomplished in your garden with little pain!

    :) L