Friday, April 9, 2010

Macarons, Macarons & More Macarons!

Last night I went to see my friend Leotard and her pet parakeet Tip (above). If you've been reading this blog from the beginning, you know all about Leotard, how she got that nickname, the fact that she's French and owns our horse, Lex.

I love Tip, who's very affectionate when you get to know her. I babysat her at my place once for a few days, and even though she had eggs at that point and spent most of her time in her cage, she did fly out onto my shoulder and wanted me to scratch her neck and watched me cooking (I use the term loosely, of course, crap cook that I am!).

The latest scoop on Leotard is that she's obsessed with making macarons, specifically pretty pink raspberry ones with white chocolate mousse filling. And I am one of the happy recipients of her macaron-making endeavours, along with Leotard's boyfriend Mark! I think we're all doomed to get fat in the process! Probably not the best thing for me at this point (and one of the reasons why I'm detemined to get to the damn gym!), but, hey, you only live once and eat so many macarons!!!

Her latest attempts, based on a recipe from the famed French pastry and chocolate shop Ladurée, are pictured below. You can see why I'm a happy victim!

P.S. You'll note Leotard's clever coordination of her jacket with the colour of the macarons?? Those French, eh!! What a sense of style! Haha!


  1. Naturally, having never heard of a macaron (oh, the embarrassment!) I had to go look them up on Wiki. WOW. Your stylish friend Leotard is quite talented! They look absolutely delicious, Laurie. What a treat! Cute parakeet, too. ;o)

    I'm waiting for a post about your horse now, being an ex-horse person. Do you ride often? Dressage? Jump? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Hey Wren! Sorry! I didn't realize "macaron" might not be a widely known term – but then again, I use German words at times and think they're English, so there you go! I've now provided a link in the post now to help everyone out who might not know the term. They are yummy! You must try them out if you ever come across them! But be forewarned: Leotard now says she knows why they're so expensive (I made her bring me back some from Paris once, and they cost a mint!) – they are seriously labour-intensive!

    Re the horse, will do at some point! I've ridden dressage lately, but started out doing pretty much everything, including jumping, which I did love – very exciting!!! Love the idea of flying cross country over anything that was in the way, but never got to that point, unfortunately....

    How about you??

    :) L

  3. Oh my sweet goodness, I wish I had a friend who made those! Drool....

    How's the vacation doing??

  4. Yummy!! ~;o)

    Also, thought you might like to see this:

  5. Hey Pony! Do they not look insanely good?? And, trust me, they are! :) The vacation is going well. Am having fun hanging out – just got back from buying myself 4 books at the used bookstore (yes! more books!!), and am shortly going to curl up with the mystery...

    Mariah, you are too sweet yourself!! Thank you for the kind post and for all the inspiration you provide me!

    Keep on rockin' on in the RA world! (Although may we all escape its bounds sometime in the near, near future – in only the best way possible, of course!)

    :) :) :)

    (I really wish those smiley faces showed up here as real happy faces exactly the way they do on Facebook chats!)