Monday, June 28, 2010

My New Blog! – A Capacity for Joy

Yes, I have neglected my posts here, I'll admit it. For two reasons: 1) I was negotiating a settlement with my former employer and didn't want to report on how I was feeling (more on that in another post), and, 2) I've been madly working on a new blog which I've now launched! It's called a Capacity for Joy and you can have a look at it –please do! – at

It'll give you a view into what I did in my work life, with a more personal spin, I hope, since I have no one to report to but me! I've been having such fun doing it. In addition to designing the header (above), I've been doing all sorts of other things I've never done before, or at least not to this crazy extent. Things like playing with xml code and Photoshop, making blue Twitter birds orange, and things I don't even really understand if I'm honest with you. I even hired a woman in Norway to make the images in my archives get bigger when you click on them (it' a long story...).

But I'm pretty pleased with the results so far! There are a few kinks to work out still, but nothing's ever perfect, is it? I hope you do check it out and enjoy it. Please feel free to comment, subscribe, etc....!

And I promise I will try my best to get back to regular posting here!


  1. Glad your back! I really hope the negotiations weren't too draining and crappy for you. Gonna go check out tour new blog now....

  2. Glad to see you back. Good luck with settlement. I am going to take a look at your new blog.

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  4. I absolutely love the new blog...beautiful and inspiring. Fabulous layout, subject matter and color...snippets of marvelous, whimsical incentive. Just what my soul has been longing to rediscover. Thanks, Laurie! I'm a fan.

  5. I didn't mean to remove my post entirely...will have to try again!

  6. Welcome back, Laurie! The new blog is gorgeous -- you have a rare talent for color and design. Such lovely photos of lovely places and rooms.

    Looking forward to hearing a little more from you. Miss your "voice!"

  7. Nice one, Laurie! I know nothing about home decor but I am a photographer for a fashion website so I can give you my professional two thumbs up on that front :D

    Can you come help re-design my appartment? It looks a bit like a squat, especially after some weekends..

  8. Thanks everyone! I had fun putting it together, excepting when I was ready to throw the computer across the room because I couldn't figure out how to make the code work or even find the dang code in the first place, etc., etc.

    And thanks for sticking with me even though I haven't been posting here much. I think it'll take a while to I figure out my new schedule and what I'm up to – whatever that might be. Just trying to keep busy right now and keep my head in the design world!

    Big gentle hugs to all of your for your continued support!!!

    :) Laurie

  9. Looks great. Good luck with the new blog and the settlement.