Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Passing It On: The Sugar Doll Blogger Award

I was so surprised to find that Lana over at Living It, Loving It just suggested I receive the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award.

To continue the fabulousness, I'm supposed to let you know 10 things you don't know about me (hmmm...!) and suggest 5 other bloggers (that's the easy part!). So here goes!

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1 I have many nicknames, some dating way, way back: Larry, Luigi, Algae, Lor, Lurleen, Leo, Dixie and I'm sure others I'm not even aware of (!).

2 I wanted to be a vet or marine biologist (shades of Jacques Costeau!) when I was growing up.

3 I love animals – sometimes I think more than people...

4 If I had to pick, I'd go for British over American television.

5 I was a bookworm growing up.

6 I never paint my fingernails colours, only my toes.

7 I love to travel but hate to fly – not because I'm scared, but just because I find it so bloody uncomfortable (and that was before the RA diagnosis!!).

8 I was meant to be rich (something obviously went seriously awry!).

9 I speak some German, Italian and French – enough to get by day-to-day, but not at all fluently.

10 I don't hold grudges, but I do obsess about things.

Passing It On

Here are my picks for 5 other bloggers without whom my RA journey would be a much lonelier one. They keep me company, give me support and make me laugh. Thanks so much, ladies!!

1 Wren at Rheumablog – could there be anyone more supportive?

2 Helen at Pens and Needles – just the cheer I often need, and she's Canadian!

3 WarmSocks at Itis – another great support in a cold RA world.

4 Mariah at From This Point. Forward. – a law student who makes me laugh and props me up.

5 Bionic Pony at, yes, Bionic Pony! – a funny Canadian RA'er.

Check them out! You're sure to enjoy their blogs! And thanks, Lana!!


  1. I found your post by way of a search on RA. I'm glad I did. I like your direct quirky attitude. I would have to agree with you re: animals vs people thought! I too do NOT fly. BUT, do love traveling. Especially around 3 or 4 in the morning when the world appears to have gone asleep. Thank you for having me and I hope you'll stop by my place for a visit. Hugs.. gentle ones for those of us with RA.. Tammy

  2. Hi Tammy!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog! I look forward to checking out yours – it's always great to find new ones.

    Take care and gentle hugs back to you! :) Laurie

  3. Awww...thanks, Laurie!! Right on time to help me though this rough week too! ~;o)

  4. My pleasure, Mariah! Hope you feel better soon! :) L

  5. Wow! Thank you, Laurie.
    Great list :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. You're welcome, WarmSocks! Can't wait to see all your lists! :) L

  7. OOPS! I realize I might have muddied the waters by saying "nominated," so I've amended the wording of the post. Hope no one thinks they're getting a prize or anything...

    :( L

  8. Well, I was expecting a car, or a dream vacation, or some other fabulous prize ;)

    This was a lot of fun to do, and a great way to get to know our fellow bloggers. I was also a bookworm as a kid, too. Rarely was a book far from my vicinity.

  9. Hahaha! Maybe next time re the prize!

  10. Thanks for nominating me! I loved reading your ten things - we have a lot in common!

  11. You're welcome, Helen; my pleasure! Can't wait to hear your 10 things!

    :) L

    P.S. It's not so much nominated as give...just wanted to clarify...

  12. 4 If I had to pick, I'd go for British over American television.

    I loved this. It made me smile... it made me cry... my great aunt (who was the single strongest woman I've ever known... and who was undoubtedly the first lesbian I ever knew) taught me at... 8 years old... maybe 10... who Benny Hill was and how funny British humor could be. She also taught me to crochet... which is one thing that I will do until I can't hold a hook any longer and how to fry marbles.


  13. Hey April! Glad it struck a chord with you – although hope it was more happy tears...

    Fry marbles???

    :) L