Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spa Days

I just started two weeks of vacation – or staycation since I'm not going anywhere – and I kicked it off with a pedicure yesterday. I hadn't been planning to get one but was out for a walk in my neighbourhood and passed my local mani/pedi place and popped in on the spur of the moment.

I haven't had a pedicure since RA hit. To be honest, I've been a little scared to get one since my feet have been so tender. But they've been feeling somewhat better lately, and the weather has been awesome here, so I decided to go for it. I just told the pedicurist to please be careful, that my feet were sore, especially the left one, and she was great about it. I love getting pedicures – they're my favourite spa treat. I love having my feet done, I love seeing my toes painted afterward, and those pretty, pretty toes basically last for two weeks, so they're worth every penny!

Tomorrow, I continue my spa treats with a visit to a spa that has different water pools – a salt pool, hot tub and cold plunge pool. There, I'll be getting a head-to-toe glow treatment, including a facial and hair conditioning, plus a 90-minute massage. Woohoo! I am so looking forward to lounging around in the pools (except maybe the cold one), then getting the treatments.

I can already feel myself destressing, and that's pretty much the point of this vacation!


  1. Destressing is essential for us. It sounds like you have it under control. Man, I would love to have 2 weeks off back to back. I forgot to ask you on your previous post on exercise, the gym where I go has an aquatic arthritis class, have you checked to see if they have one where you go?

    I am destressing tomorrow by doing a 150+ mile ride to photograph an old iron truss bridge that was built in 1903. Enjoy your time off.

  2. What a fabulous way to start a vacation, Laurie. Pedicures really are wonderful -- I had my very first one about two years ago. Loved it. I hope the whole two weeks are as relaxing as the first few days have been so far.

  3. Hey Tharr,

    No, no pool at my gym, I'm afraid. Some of the pools in the city have aquatic arthritis classes, but they're all at times that aren't good for working people – fine for vacation time maybe, but not working hours!

    Hi Wren,

    Thanks! I think the time off will be really good. It's been a hard few months.

    Enjoy your week both of you!

    :) L

  4. That sounds fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  5. Absolutely lovely :) Enjoy your time, and really enjoy the spa!! Nothing beats time off, this long weekend has done me good :)

  6. That sounds absolutely wonderful. And so far, you've got perfect weather for your vacation. Enjoy every moment of it. :)

  7. Not a great fan of pedicures myself but very glad you braved it and then enjoyed it and hurrah for destressing!! I hope your whole two weeks has gorgeous weather!

  8. Thanks, Pollyanna! The weather started off beautifully, although it's raining now, but it's a good excuse to stay in and curl up with a book! Hope you're feeling better! :) L

  9. Thanks Warmsocks, Pony & Helen! I'm so enjoying my time off so far – it's such a luxury to have so much time to just rest up, read and do what I want, when I want! I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves. :) L

  10. Take me with you on this vacation please!! ~;o) Hope it is WONDERFUL!! You deserve it, ~MZ~

  11. Have a great staycation. Too bad the weather went bad. What a glorious Easter weekend we had here in Toronto. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be sunny. Thanks for following me. I'm tickled.

  12. Hey Mariah: I would if I could! You would have so loved the spa I went to, I think! If you're ever in Toronto, let me know and we'll set something up!

    Hi Clever Pup: I'm so happy to have found your blog through Wren's Rheumablog; what a fun, interesting, provocative mix of posts you put up! I look forward to reading many more! (And thank you back for the follow.)

    Re the weather, I'm actually fine with it. Listening to the rain while having an afternoon nap is just fine by me. Enjoy your weekend – may it be as sunny as it's supposed to be! L

  13. Hey Laurie,
    I'm an RA patient from Toronto as well...not trying to brag. I really like your pedi. Enjoy it! I hope the mild TO weather returns and then you can continue to show those feet off. Last year during my flare I could barely walk on my feet but all I was thinking about is how much I wanted a pedi. In fact I would imagine that it would be like a soft massage and that it would relieve the pain. Then I would try "walking" and would change my mind again. The pain was too intense though not to mention the fact that my walk started to remind me of the robotic Frankenstein walk. I'll do the pedi this year though. I hope the recent mild Toronto weather returns.
    A little note on foot pain...a little advice from my personal experience. Last year before this absolutely insane foot pain (so bad that I thought I might not walk again) started, I noticed my feet were getting ice-cold (maybe also due to the Raynauds that I also have). Then during Christmas last year one toe started cramping first and then hurting. Then the pain got worse and finally the pain seemed to stem from the top part of my foot (it felt like the foot was previously smashed with a hammer). I did not try any foot baths that year but this year I got smart...when the feet would get ice-cold and I was home, I would prepare a hot foot bath and guess what, the foot pain disappeared over time. I think tt also helped that I started going to the gym (maybe due to more circulation and more tendon stretching). I can tell you that this year I never reached that painful stage again. In fact foot-wise I seem to have recovered to a 95% level of my old self. Maybe maintaining good circulation in the feet really helps soften the tendons and the swollen small joints in the foot (and there are many of them there as my physio guy likes to remind me)...You might want to question this improvement especially since I was already on medication. In fact I was put on prednisone first and only after that my foot pain started. In fact I thought that prednisone caused it. The rheumatologist's answer: "It could be from the water retention and hence foot swelling that prednisone causes or it could be from your condition". Hmmm, even the experts don't know for sure.
    Good luck with your gym experiment! Let us know how you do.

  14. Hi Mirela! Thanks for dropping by. It's interesting what you say about your feet. In fact, with my thoughts on feet, I'm going to do a new post today, I hope, so check it out! Re my little exercise test, I'll be posting the results sometime next weekend...

    And it's so nice to hear from someone in Toronto! Thankfully the weather looks like it's taking a turn for the better today, so I hope you're able to get out and enjoy it.

    :) Laurie