Thursday, January 21, 2010


I can't believe I've already been approved by my insurance company for Enbrel (entanercept)!

I just got a call from Manulife Financial on Tuesday saying I needed to send in a pre-authorization (PA) form for it. I'd had a conference call with them and Enbrel's Enliven support services last Wednesday, and at that point it seemed a pre-authorization wouldn't be needed, but then the phone call.

I had my rheumatologist fill out the PA yesterday morning and she faxed it in right away, and lo and behold in the mail today – today (yes, just 1 day later!) – the authorization! Talk about service! I am seriously gobsmacked! Double woohoo!

It feels good on top of a day that's seen me feeling really pretty tired and somewhat shaky. I'm still not sure if it's the Methotrexate, the emotional roller coaster I've been on lately or a combination of the two. I took the day off and slept and rested.

I think next week's post-injection period will be telling.


  1. Tired, shaky -- probably the MTX AND the emo roller coaster. Smart of you to take the day off to rest.

    I took MTX by mouth; it took about three weeks before I began to realize that the med was making me feel awful. I stuck it out for three months (during which no improvement in symptoms) and then begged my rheumatologist to switch me to a different med. He put me on Arava. It doesn't bother me (no side effects) but it also doesn't seem real effective. I'm hoping he'll consider a biologic soon.

    Took a look at the Style At Home website. VERY cool. I enjoyed it. Great photos, and the stories are fun. Nice job!

  2. Let's hope it works for me; have my fingers crossed – at least figuratively; can't quite cross them literally lol! Hope you can get on a biologic soon. I seem to be quite lucky in that my rheumatologist is pretty aggressive right off the bat.

    So glad you enjoyed the Style at Home site! Our web editors do a fab job and really are on the ball! Check out the actual magazine online at (here's the link to the magazine itself but not sure if it will work:

    Have a great night!


  3. hi honey. love the blog. makes me feel like i'm checking in with you regularly. i also think the style at home's pretty great!!!! congrats on the insurance approval. my fingers are also crossed on the success of the 'enbrel'. thinking of you. glad you got a day of rest.


  4. Wow, such good luck with insurance right off the bat! Hope the enbrel works as well! Make sure you're taking the prescription folic acid every day to avoid some of the mtx side effects (I do skip mine on the day I take my MTX). I've always been lucky with no huge side effects from MTX (unless I was just too used to the fatigue before I started it to notice much of a difference! that's possible I suppose...your new state becomes a "norm" and you begin to forget how true normal is supposed to feel). You can try taking it at night before bed, and perhaps when you know you will be able to rest more the next day.

  5. Jane, can't tell you how glad I am to have gotten to know you! Feels like one of those freakish serendipity things – and, yes, I know you've seen that movie, lol! :) L

    Chelsea, I can't believe my luck, either. On the phone they'd told me they had a backlog and it could take up to 9 business days for a response! I'm hoping the fatigue will pass as I get used to the meds; have heard that can happen. And when I do the shot at home myself next week, I will be taking it at night, so that will help I think. Cheers and thanks for checking in and commenting! L

  6. I hope the Enbrel works wonders for you! Isn't it great when something goes smoother than expected?

    Hope the rest helped you feel better.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Beth Anne,
    It is great, and I have to say, totally surprising! I do feel somewhat better today, and I'm sure the weekend will have me feeling totally shipshape. You have a great day, too!

  8. That's terrific news! I hope it works well for you.

  9. I took the MTX and Enbrel combination for five years. It took a while but the Enbrel really helped me. I hope it does the same for you.

  10. Thanks, Tharr. I'll let you know. Really happy to read your blog; I'm so keen on keeping up my fitness levels, so I'll be following your efforts to do the same.
    :) Laurie

  11. I'm going strong on 7 years with Enbrel in combination with MTX and it has been incredibly helpful to me. I hope it works for you, too.

  12. Thanks, Helen. It's wonderful to hear the combo has been helpful to you for so long; I hope it does as well for me!
    Have a great day!