Thursday, January 14, 2010

Medications + Supplements

Below is a list of the medications I'm currently on, along with supplements (some of which I was taking pre-RA saga).

Before the rheumatoid arthritis hit, I thought I already popped plenty of pills. Ha! That was a misconception!

I've been on prednisone just a short time now, but it's doing the trick that anti-inflammatories alone weren't doing. I'm starting to feel like I can move somewhat normally, although my hands and feet don't want to play along most days.

My rheumatologist wants me off the prednisone asap, though (me, too!), so as soon as I can get all the vaccines/TB tests/chest x-rays I need and get the insurance company go-ahead, major drug use is in the forecast.

Medications, Rheumatoid Arthritis
        Prednisone (20mg 1x/once daily)
        Voltaren (75mg/2x daily)
        Prevacid (30mg/1x daily)
        Tylenol Extra Strength (400mg/4x daily)

Medications, Migraines
        Topamax (75mg a.m. daily/50mg p.m. daily)
        Verapamil (40 mg/2x daily)
        Imitrex (20mg nasal spray; as needed)

        Vitamin D3 (1000UI/2x daily)
        Calcium (500mg/1x daily)
        Vitamin C (500mg/1x daily)
        Omega 3 Fish Oil (1000 mg/3x daily)
        Glucosamine (500mg/1x daily)
        Ginseng (55 mg/2x daily)
        Biotin (1000 mcg/1x daily)
        Multivitamin (1x daily)

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