Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How To Begin...or WT?

I had a dream last night. My sister and two friends and I were out in a country town heading to our spa appointments. It was a beautiful winter day: there was snow on the ground, but the sun was shining and it was warm enough that the snow was melting a bit. I couldn't have been happier as we were walking along. I love walking. As we continued, I fell further and further behind. I couldn't figure out why. My legs felt so tired and weak and sore. Finally my sister noticed and came back to help my. She helped me up with her strong arms, got me up the stairs and on my way. Something definitely wasn't right but I had no idea what...

When I woke, I realized my brain is still trying to work this all out.

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis first starting coming on strong for me at the end of November 2009. Over the course of 12 days I went from fine to barely being able to get out of bed – not a lot of time to wrap my head around it all, I'm sure you'll agree. On the one hand, I think I'm coping really well; on the other, maybe I'm experiencing a wee bit of denial about what's going on?

Not sure.

In any case, I 've decided to write this blog for a number of reasons.

1. Because I need to take control in some way – any way, quite frankly.
2. It allows me to track what's happening to me.
3. I've found other RA blogs a huge source of info/comfort/support in the midst of all this + hope to provide the same to others.
4. It's been proven that writing down emotions/feelings makes us feel better.

That pretty much sums it up for now.

I'll be back with a lot more posts shortly to let you know my history and where I'm at in terms of my meds, symptoms, etc.

Welcome along for the ride!


  1. Hello again, interesting link about the writing therapy, I'll be passing that along.

  2. Glad you like the link; I think keeping this blog so far has been helpful for me. Plus, it has the added bonus of keeping all my friends up-to-date without having to repeat myself over and over again!

    Cheers, L